Thanks for visiting my web site. I hope you enjoy traveling with me on my writing journey.

My goals for writing Christian novels are to draw people closer to God, to encourage and uplift, and to provide Christian entertainment.

I write Christian Romantic Suspense novels. The main purpose of my novels is to show how Christians react in traumatic events. They are forced to depend on God in dangerous situations and they grow spiritually in the process.

My blog posts deal with pursuing the dreams God has placed in your heart.

Currently Working on

Avenging Angel

Cassie Reynolds, the mother of a nine-year-old son with Down syndrome, is being stalked.
Is the villain her abusive ex-boyfriend, a co-worker who is obsessed with her, or the serial killer who is targeting medical personnel and breast cancer survivors?

Scott Winchell, a detective assigned to the case, meets Cassie when her home is burglarized.
Although they develop feelings for each other, they both attempt to deny the attraction. Cassie is afraid of being hurt physically and emotionally, and she feels no man would want the responsibility of helping raise a handicapped child. Scott is determined not to fall in love again after being jilted by the love of his life.

Will Scott be able to save Cassie’s life and will they allow themselves to be vulnerable to love again?

Word count: 80,000  

Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Status: First Draft