• How My Attitude Affects the Dreams of My Heart

    By Joyce Dunaway @Dunawayjoyce What is a dream you’ve had for years, but have not achieved? Perhaps you’ve started working on it several times, but haven’t finished. You’ve convinced yourself it will never happen and give up in frustration. But… { keep reading }

  • Baby Steps to Accomplishing Your Dream

    Do you need to further your education to fulfill your dream? Start by taking one course. Is your goal to write a novel? Start by writing two pages a day. Do you want to run a marathon? Start by running… { keep reading }

  • Excuses for not pursuing your dream

    The main reason people give for not pursuing their dream is a lack of TIME. Someone told me that we make time for things we sincerely want to do. Analyze how you spend your time. Think of things you could… { keep reading }