Are You Allowing Others to Sabotage Your Dream?

by Joyce Dunaway

Are you serious about pursuing your dream? 

If not, your friends and family will not think it’s important to you. They’ll think it’s a hobby or a temporary pastime.

Family and friends are an important part of our lives, but how are you allowing them to interfere with your goals?

[ctt template=”1″ link=”gEffC” via=”no” ]Are you allowing others to sabotage your dream?[/ctt]

Here’s an example. 

Your best friend calls excited about a big sale at your favorite store. You’ve planned to spend this time working on your goal. You hate to disappoint her so you say you’ll go with her__ you can always work on your project later that day. You and your friend spend two hours shopping. You got some great bargains. Your stomachs rumble so you take time to eat.

When you get home, you see the dirty dishes in the sink and also realize you need to put a load of laundry in the washer.

After doing those chores, it’s time to pick up the kids from school. Next is soccer practice. You wish you had brought a notebook so you could jot down ideas for the next phase of your project.

After preparing supper and cleaning the kitchen, you’re too tired to do anything but plop on the couch.

You conclude that’s okay because you want to spend time with your spouse.

When you go to bed, you’re frustrated because you did not accomplish any of your dream goals today. Well, there’s always tomorrow.

How could you have prevented this scenario from happening?

You could have told your friend that you would love to go, but you have set aside this time to work on your dream.

If she’s a sincere friend, she would understand.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice an immediate pleasure for the future enjoyment of accomplishing our goals.

One of my best friends no longer calls me in the morning because she knows that’s when I’m writing. Did I ask her to quit calling? No. When she realized how important my writing is to me, she made the decision to not interrupt me.

Do we still talk and get together? Of course. Maybe not as often, but we enjoy and cherish the times we have together.

Friends and family will take your work seriously when you do.

How could you let your friends and family know you need special time to achieve your goals which will lead to the fulfillment of your dream? Please leave your comments in the section below.






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