Deadlines Are Effective in the Pursuit of Your Dreams

by Joyce Dunaway

A deadline is a date or time before which something must be done—a time limit.

Many of us remember deadlines in high school or college. For example, a term paper was due the next day, and we had to stay up most of the night to complete the project. There was often the all-nighter of studying for a test the next day.

Deadlines may cause stress, but they are necessary to finish the steps needed to achieve your dreams.

In professional jobs, deadlines are imposed by our bosses. The failure to meet these deadlines could result in losing our job or not getting the promotion we are working to achieve.

To achieve our dreams we often have to set our own time frames.

Suggestions for Setting Deadlines:

  • Dividing a large project into sections will help keep you from being overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.
  • Assign a time frame to complete each portion.
  • If you fail to meet your self-imposed deadline, regroup and continue with a new deadline.
  • Don’t quit even if you get behind. Life’s circumstances often interrupt our well-laid plans.
  • Pat yourself on the back when you meet a deadline, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make the goal.
  • Analyze your progress. You’ve probably achieved more than you would have if you had not set time limits.

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Advantages of Meeting Deadlines:

  • Improved self-confidence, which will give you the courage to continue.
  • The appreciation of those waiting for you to finish a project on time. For example, as a writer your agent, editor, and publisher will reward the timely completion of your assignments.
  • Building trust in others who are helping you achieve your dreams.
  • Gaining the support of others in your field. They will be willing to give helpful advice when they see you are serious about your dreams.
  • The deflection of Satan’s lies that you are not smart enough to succeed.

What are some suggestions you have for helping us set and meet deadlines? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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