How Studying Your Craft Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

by Joyce Dunaway @DunawayJoyce

I recently attended a conference entitled “Writers’ Police Academy MurderCon”. I learned about footprints, fingerprints, blood evidence, arson, firearms, and the art of interrogation. The purpose of the classes was to teach writers what happens at crime scenes and after a suspect is arrested.

As a fiction writer, I have the license to make up things—story plot, characters, settings, and dialogue. So, why does it matter whether I have all the facts correct about police procedures or real towns or cities? Many readers admit they are turned off when they read about places or procedures which are inaccurate. In order to please consumers, it is necessary to study your craft and avoid errors.

Following are some ways studying your craft can help you achieve your dreams:

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It’s important to learn the correct facts about your subject whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction. Readers will not be impressed when glaring errors permeate your work.


If readers feel they can trust you, they will become your staunch supporters. Even if you’re creating your setting, it’s important to know facts about the surrounding area. For example, if your town is located in the South, the temperature, flowers, and customs would be different from a story set in the North.


Even if you write fiction, your readers will learn while enjoying the twists and turns of the plot. Without realizing it, they are absorbing facts.

I would love to hear how studying your craft has helped you achieve your dreams. Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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