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Feed Your Soul with the Word of God, Collection 2

A Banquet of Thirty Short Bible Studies

Is your soul hungry for God’s Word?

When our hearts need a pep talk, we can go to God’s word and find just what we need. When our circumstances seem to be more than we can bear, time with God in His word keeps us going. When the world is bright and merry and we bless God for the wonderful life that He has given us, the Bible keeps us grounded, focused, and making the difference in the world that God has in mind for us.

In whatever stage or phase of life that we are, the Bible helps. It offers us hope and comfort when life grows heavy. It gives us direction when we have lost our way. It supplies strategies and wisdom for navigating trials and troubles, and it shows us how to optimize opportunities for eternal good. In the world we may grow weary; in God’s word our souls are refreshed and strengthened.

In Feed Your Soul with the Word of God, Collection 2, twenty-one authors serve up a banquet for the soul in thirty short Bible studies, including:

• Cultivating a Heart Full of Peace and Joy
• Our Father’s Embrace
• Peanut Butter in Paradise
• When Our Prayers Feel Too Bold
• No Matter How Bad It Gets
• Waiting for Answers to Prayer
• Umbrella Training: A Lesson from a Labrador
• Thirsting for God … in Grief

May you find them refreshing, comforting, and inspiring.

Use this book for personal study or group discussion.

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