How Being Unique Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

by Joyce Dunaway @DunawayJoyce

Every individual is unique—even identical twins have different DNA. Because of differences in personalities and gifts the way you pursue your dreams will be distinctive. Many writers desire to become published authors, but your style of writing will be unique.

Following are some ways being unique can help you achieve your dreams:

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As a writer if you’ve had an emotional experience you will be able to write about it with more passion. For example, if you’re a breast cancer survivor, you’ll portray your character that is having the same life-altering situation with more emotion.


Whether you have a college degree or never finished high school your level of knowledge, plus research, will still enable you to write passionately about a subject you’re interested in. Your excitement about the subject will be revealed to the reader.


If you’re a stamp collector, you’ll know more about that subject than the average person. Collecting antique dolls would enhance a story in which a child’s prized possession is stolen.


Someone who is an exercise buff will be more interested in writing about that subject than a couch potato. Morning people versus night owls will often portray their preferences in their main character’s profile. Gourmet cooks would place more emphasis on meals compared to the cook who hurriedly prepares dinner or picks up fast food.


A chronically ill writer would empathize with a similar character compared to someone who is rarely sick. A wounded soldier with prosthetic legs would depict life from a different viewpoint.

I would love to hear how being unique has helped you in the pursuit of your dreams. Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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